Promoter values reflect the core beliefs of the group and form the internal framework. The values are guiding light for every level of decision making within the company.

We understand Integrity as “Say what you believe and do what you say”. Integrity of people working with the group companies will be of the highest order. We will respect integrity of others as much as we value our integrity.

For us commitment is “Complete devotion to work and responsibility”. Our commitment will shine through every action and interaction making us the most “reliable partners”.

Compassion is the kind concern for all human beings. People being our biggest asset will always be valued and respected. Irrespective of the capability, gender or class, we shall respect every human for what he or she is.

Passion for us is the intense desire or craving that urges us to do more than expected. Through our passion and enthusiasm, we will always strive to do things beyond ordinary. All our endeavours will lead to a sustainable overall growth.

Innovation is the spirit of generating and exploring novel ideas. We will be fearless in our pursuit for the new and unknown. We will inculcate a culture of experimentation at all levels leading to applied innovation. As we believe in these values, we are also committed to bring development, employment and prosperity to Marathwada region.

We are proud of who we are and where we belong, our ethnicity, our culture and our legacy. We will always keep track of the global trends to understand and predict the changes. With our feet firmly on the ground and our values intact, we will adopt the change as required by changing times.