Precifab Engineers, Kolhapur

About us

PRECIFAB ENGINEERS formed in October 1985 as a privatly owned company. Eversince the inception Preci-Fab began working for reputed organisations like Alfa laval (I) Ltd. Under the auspicious guidance and stringent quality assurance Standards backed with good engineering practice. Preci-Fab has formed a strong engineering base by adopting best laid down shop procedures.

Preci-Fab Engineers have manufactured numerous equipment for varienty of industries ranging from sugar, Distillery,Paper,Cement,Dairy, Petrochemical. Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Power, Naval Aviation Defence, Raw water handling pump,equipment, spares using different types and grades of carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex , Super Duplex , Aluminium and Copper, Preci-Fab Engineers have also diversified its activities into the field of project work for all types of converyer stystems-supply and installation.

Today Preci-Fab Engineers have grown into a group of three associated companies. Manufacturing capability of Preci-fab is complemented by the two sister concerns and vice-versa.